Our wishes,  our goals, our dreams our aspirations; all begin with an  intention.  We create jewelry to serve as  beautiful reminders of YOUR intentions. Each piece is handcrafted with top quality semi-precious stones. The intention of our pieces is to inspire emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Upon completion they are infused with Love, Light and positive vibes through smudging , charging and prayer. We specialize in customization based  on your specific desires and the subtle, yet healing energy of the stones. We also create sets for couples, friends and families.  The mission of SOULTIQUE is to inspire healing, spread Love, provide peace, educate and support everyone along their journey .



Peace and Blessings!

My name is Ashley Myles. I am an inspirational creative. I am facilitator of healing. I am an educator. I am a conduit of Universal Love!

I believe that God creates us with our life’s mission imprinted on our hearts and blesses us with strength, wisdom and resources to carry it out.  I was called to create SOULTIQUE Intentional Jewelry to carry out my life’s mission of inspiring healing, peace and purpose. This heart lead work, combines my three passions. Crystal education. Spreading love and positive vibes. Creating beautiful jewelry.

I am deeply moved by watching the aspirations of others grow from dream to fruition. I find joy in offering  support, encouragement and knowledge as we journey through this thing called life.  In the  constant exploration of my personal evolution, I discovered the life-changing effects of intention setting. The act of making a goal an affirmation. Holding onto it until you see the that dream come true! Allowing it to inspire and keep you focused as you take every step to bring your seed to harvest.

I  have  been studying the healing properties of crystals and stones for 14 years. An amethyst cluster started it all! Drawn in by its royal lavender hue, I was enamored with the way light  seemed to sprinkle glitter on the hundreds of  peaks and points that covered its surface. I had to hold it. I picked it up and just let it rest in my palms. WOW! My entire body was washed over with this sense of peace, calm and stillness. I could feel a subtle vibration emit from the beautiful rock that I held between my hands. I knew this structure, had way more to offer than beauty. It is here that my metaphysical education began.  I started researching the benefits of  these unique structural compositions. In my studies, I discovered that tiger eye could boost your confidence. Rose quartz could sooth your heart and inspire you to forgive. My “first crystal love”, amethyst could soothe anxiety. The crystals were as endless and unique as their benefits. I began sharing my knowledge with any and everyone! My friends and family members started asking me for recommendations on stones to support various areas of their lives. Then their friends started seeking my recommendations.

My love for beautiful jewelry empowered me to create my own. Even though I have an innate sense of creativity and an eye for aesthetics, I knew I wanted to perfect my craft! So, I enrolled in a Jewelry Making and Metal Smithing  program. My love for jewelry and creativity only flourished!

Six years ago, I came to a hurdle (as we all do from time to time).  I was in a bit of funk. I hadn’t made any jewelry in months. I was recently promoted to a management position at my nine to five. I was in uncharted territory. I was anxious about starting something new. I struggled with the uncertainty of being able to do a good job. So, I did what I always do to decompress. I went to my happy place …the beach! I watched the waves  and played with my family. When I found a quiet moment. I closed my eyes prayed for guidance and mediated.  I felt re-energized. The new tasks ahead me, although different , no longer felt daunting. I was ready for the challenge. I ended my visit to the beach with a walk along the shore to collect seashells with one of my Little Ones. As I bent down to pick up another the shell, a tiger eye bracelet washed in with next wave right at my feet.  I was like okay, thank you Ocean!  When I picked it up, I knew immediately what the Universe had gifted me with.  A beautiful reminder of my focus, discipline, drive, determination and ability to live abundantly.  That night, I started making bracelets again.  I knew that we could all use a beautiful reminder.