“Ancestral Knowledge”

“Ancestral Knowledge”

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Mookaite Jasper Nuggets


Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart

Happiness from within, self-worth, self-confidence, grounding, relaxation, physical pleasure, generational healing

Mookaite jasper is an Australian jasper named after the area in which it’s harvested. These stones are found near Mooka Creek, in the Kennedy region of Australia. “Mooka” is the Aboriginal word for “running waters”. These beauties naturally form in gorgeous hues of red, pink, gold and yellow.  A reminder of ancestral knowledge, Mookaite is a stone of generational healing. It inspires us to observe familial patterns with a discerning spirit, while giving us the strength to gently, but purposefully release  patterns that are unhealthy. This stone encourages a spirit youthfulness at heart, by dissipating negative thoughts and fears associated with aging. It promotes a healthy acceptance of pleasure. It inspires willingness to accept the beauty of change. It carries an invigorating energy, assisting us in creating and maintaining inner happiness. It promotes stability and grounding. It’s vibe is nurturing , strengthening our self-worth and confidence.