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"Cherubim 11:1"

"Cherubim 11:1"

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8mm Angelite with sterling silver angel wing accent.
.hakras: Throat, Crown,Thymus, Third Eye

I added angel wings to these bracelets as a tribute to our loved ones who have transcended. They have been and always will be with us.

Angelite is a stone of Faith and comfort. It promotes reception to benevolent guidance and energy. It's vibration heightens conciousness. It raises compassion and the spirit of true forgiveness. Angelite is helpful in dispelling fear, anger and anxiety and instead promoting tranquility. It is a powerful stone of effective communication and promotes rebuilding and reconciliation of estranged relationships.
The attributes of Angelite make the care involved worthy. Please be aware,  Angelite is a relatively rare stone found mostly in Peru. It is a variety of gypsum, that is formed when there is a lack of water in the natural environment. Immersing this stone in water will change the chemical structure to that of common gypsum. That being said, this is a stone that you want refrain from swimming, bathing, showering or getting into a hot tub while wearing.