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Bead Size: 8mm

Chrysoprase (kry-so-praise)

Chakras: Heart

Helps heal depression and anxiety, promotes joy and happiness, helps balance the ego, and improves emotional well-being. 

Chrysoprase opens and  generates energy through  the heart and sacral chakras. Inspires joy within, founded on compassion, love and acceptance of yourself, flaws and all.  It bring healthy and sacred balance to the ego. It is a stone of ultimate balance. Light and shadow. Masculine and feminine. Chrysoprase supports the  love and acceptance of truth. It supports powerful healing work for the inner child,  as it encourages the release of emotions bottled up  since childhood. It can soothe  a broken heart, mend relationships and transmute negative emotions into positive ones. Soothes anxiety and dissipates depression. Aids in restful and restorative sleep.

 *green & black stones