Palo Santo

Palo Santo

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Each stick measure appx. 4 in long and 1/2 in. thick

Palo Santo translates to "holy wood". What a befitting name as it fills any space with a Divine, heavenly vibe! Palo santo can be used as smudge, bringing positive, balanced and benevolent energy. Burned  as incense the smoke can be used to cleansing and blessing medium. We suggest burning palo santo, after smudging with sage, filling your new cleared energy with love and light.

We sustainably source our sacred incense is from South America and only from artisans who ethically grow, harvest and treat their prized trees. Live trees are never cut down or tampered with. Only the fallen branches and trunks are collected.

Our favorite way to use these Palo Santo Sticks:
• Light the palo santo at an angle to allow the flame to move upwards.
• After 30 seconds to a minute blow out the flame
• Continue to smudge your space, body or crystals
• When finished, put out the wood in fire proof container

What can you use the sacred incense for:
• Cleansing a new home, office or space
• Clearing your crystals of energy
• Improving the scent of a room
• Known to reduce stress and anxiety
• Aids with meditation