"Creative Force"

"Creative Force"

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Bead Size: 8mm


Boosts concentration, aids with impotence and infertility, promotes healthy and free sensual expression. 

Chakra: Sacral

Carnelian sparks the creative force within, by reminding of your purpose and passion. Carnelian inspires balance, it is a stabilizing stone with high vibrational  energy. Dissipates creative blockages.  It inspires one to overcome envy and jealousy, as it encourages you to actualize your self-value, tap in to your potential and bring your amazing ideas to life! It promotes an emotionally healthy and free expression of sexuality and sensual pleasures. It encourages vitality,dispels emotional negativity and can inspire the healing of depression. May boost concentration. It is also  said to  aid impotence and infertility.

*orange stones