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Bead Size: 8mm

Dalmatian Stone

Emotional harmony, inner-child connection, protective, promotes joy in simply being, supportive of family and loyalty.

Chakras: Root

Dalmatian jasper is a grounding stone. It offers an energizing , youthful vibration. This This stone encourages you to tap into an innocent, childlike joy. It supports you in  healing and honoring the inner child.  Dalmatian jasper inspires you to hone in on your life's purpose. It helps you to discover the joy in simply being and gives you the confidence to be truly comfortable in your own skin. It dissipates stagnation and dispels procrastination. The black markings in dalmatian jasper are black tourmaline inclusions, which offer a protective energy and spiritual grounding. Dalmatian jasper promotes emotional harmony and balance. It also encourages strong familial connections ,faithfulness and loyalty. 

*cream with black tourmaline inclusions