"Peace, Love and Luck"
"Peace, Love and Luck"

"Peace, Love and Luck"

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8mm Green Aventurine with Gold Toned Accent


Disclaimer: This description does not contain medical advice, prescription or recommendations. For any health concerns please consult a licensed medical professional.

Chakras: Heart

Green aventurine guards the heart. It is an excellent stone to aid in manifesting prosperity. It has been called "The Stone of Opportunity ", as it's energy goes beyond luck. It eases your mind and spirit in away that prepares you for and makes you aware of Blessings/opportunities that are Divinely aligned to benefit you. Green Aventurine inspires the release of patterns, habits and disappointments that no longer serve our highest good, so new growth can take place. It promotes optimism, dispels panic and moving in a forward motion. It brings calm, patience and organization to hectic lifestyles. Also encourages love after heartache.
Peace and Blessings!

*colors may slightly differ