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Bead Size: 8mm

White Moonstone

Spiritual growth & transformation, cleanses the aura, guards against negativity, divine femininity.

Chakra: Sacral, Crown

As ancient as the moon herself, moonstone carries a sacred healing energy that promotes peace and balance.
White moonstone carries the energy of the new moon at the height of its power. It inspires emotional balance in men and women and can drive away nightmares and insomnia in children. stimulating psychic perception, vision and dream work.
Moonstone inspires nurturing qualities in the heart and can help with the acceptance of love. Excellent for new love, it opens the heart to nurturing qualities as well as assisting in the acceptance of love.
Moonstone is a stone the promotes intimate pleasure and fertility. In women moonstone positively effects the female reproductive system. It is very protective during pregnancy and promotes ease in pregnancy and childbirth and can help alleviate menstrual problems and change-of-life, balances the hormonal system.